Poster Competition

Categories and descriptions:

In every category, judges are looking for well-presented, academic posters that describe clear, well-evidenced projects, with the ultimate goal of delivering tangible improvements in patient safety.

Posters should focus on learning through measuring change.

Illustrative examples are given for each category, but projects are not limited to these examples.

What are the criteria for a good poster?

  • A brief outline of the context
  • A brief outline of the problem
  • An assessment of the problem and analysis of its causes
  • The strategy for change
  • Measurement of improvement
  • The effects of change(s) implemented
  • The lessons learnt
  • What others can learn from what you have done


Judges are looking for projects that promote a positive, open, just culture that places importance on learning from mistakes and freedom to speak up. Examples may include work on incident investigation, processes to learn from complaints or work to improve the wider culture in your organisation.


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