The Patient Safety Congress attracts over 1000 attendees every year. People prioritise their attendance because they know we will deliver:

  • Real solutions:  In 2021, 91% of the attendees said they met their objective for attending and had specific ideas to take back to their organisation. Sessions will share practical ideas and best practice which you can adopt into your own work 
  • High profile speakers: Be part of a timely opportunity to hear from national policy makers, senior healthcare leaders, frontline innovators and patient advocates 
  • Patient speakers on an equal platform: Patients and relatives sit at the heart of what we do, and we ensure that they are meaningfully involved across the whole programme 
  • Challenging content and influential conversations: We challenge our speakers and attendees to be open and honest and tackle difficult conversations to ensure real progress is achieved 
  • Your contribution matters: This isn’t a one-way transfer of information - the most worthwhile discussions stem from questions and debate. Get a chance to input into the national programme and raise your concerns with policy makers to ensure patient safety priorities align 
  • Inspiration from other safety critical industries: to really move outside of groupthink and move forward, we recognise the importance of looking outside the UK healthcare sector, bringing in international experts from other sectors and healthcare systems
  • Training: HSJ events are geared toward giving you maximum opportunity for learning and interacting with the content on offer. The event provides you with a training opportunity and the CPDSO accreditation means you can earn up to 38 points (12 CPD points from onsite sessions with opportunity to gain an extra 26 CPD points via on-demand access)