Jono Broad

Senior Manager for Co-Production and Patient Experience Lead for the Integrated Personalised Care Team
NHS England and NHS Improvement

Jonathan Broad is a Long-Term conditions Patient with Cystic Fibrosis - however that’s a description given to him by health professional and not who he is. Jono has years of experience, from across all parts of the NHS and has seen everything from the bed to the Board.

In his work life Jono works in the Integrated Personalised Care Team for NHS England in the South West Region proudly working on a triumvirate of Patient Experience, Co-Production and Culture change. Jono also works closely on Safety and Quality with the regional Nursing and Quality Team.

Jono is a leader and faculty member for Quality Improvement in the Southwest and is a Patient and Public Voice on NHSE & I Quality Committee and a member of the National Patient Safety Reporting Committee.

Internationally Jono is a fellow for the Billions Institute working toward ensuring the improvement of service through Rapid Spread and Scale or change projects and is also a Global Patient and Family Advisory Board member for the Beryl Institute working to ensure we move toward a health service that improves the Human Experience of Healthcare.