Safety Leaders Exchange

Leading on safety in a system under pressure   

16 September 2024 | Manchester Central





Chair’s Opening Remarks


HSJ Patient Safety Congress plenary sessions


Morning coffee break & refreshments


Leadership stream: Safety Leaders Exchange


Panel discussion:

The role of medical and nursing directors in a time of severe operational and financial pressure

  • Discussing proactive leadership culture and strategies towards managing financial and operational decisions that align most closely with safety and quality of care
  • Exploring the challenges in board accountability and the need for a collaborative and risk sharing approach towards promoting safety and the QI agenda
  • Assessing the importance of clinical and NED perspectives at the board level to elevate the impact of decision-making on patient safety
  • Taking a step back and analysing reactive priorities and moving to more sustainable, long-term planning that gets ahead of the elective backlog and UEC curve


Sarah Stanley, Chief Nursing Director, Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes ICB

David Levy, Chief Medical Director, Lancashire and South Cumbria ICB


Panel discussion:

Ensuring clinical quality and safety is given appropriate weight in the development of integrated care services

  • Guidance from the top two years in: Moving from the establishment of ICSs to assessing the performance and value they bring to long-term patient safety
  • Maximising the impact of clinical leadership: Defining and clarifying clinical roles and how they integrated into the wider system to minimise inconsistencies between and within systems
  • Discussing improved quality management systems and system transformation to aid safety leaders through day-to-day pressures 
  • Assurance and a clear mandate on how to optimise the tripod of operational performance, quality of care and financial savings – how can Trusts get the most immediate value out of ICS guidance?


Rob Webster, Chief Executive, West Yorkshire ICB

Nilesh Sanganee, Chief Medical Officer, Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland ICB


Panel discussion:

Future-ready healthcare: Transformative workforce strategies for safety, innovation, and well-being

  • Developing comprehensive planning strategies that improve staff levels and skillsets which contribute a more resilient and competent workforce
  • Increasing stakeholder engagement leading to innovative solution implementation that enhance safety protocols and response capabilities
  • Implementing comprehensive well-being initiatives to prevent burnout, promote mental and physical health, all in the midst of long-term workforce structure transparency
  • Practical solutions to empower staff with novel technologies to positively influence clinical outcomes through reduced volume of work and foresight, ensuring safe and timely care
  • Improved communication lines and morale: Fostering a culture of excellence through mutual understanding of what good should look like between senior managers and frontline staff


Sue Tranka, Chief Nursing Officer, Welsh Government

Oliver Soriano, Chief Nursing Officer, Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust


Networking Lunch


Afternoon keynote – To be confirmed


Panel discussion:

The role of clinical data in improving outcomes and safety

  • Discussing data sharing solutions that improve patient care coordination to bring effective clinical discussions and anticipated patient influx
  • Highlighting integrative and near real-time technologies that can optimize patient flow/capacity, which acknowledge variations based on population needs
  • Streamlining the transition of novel incident reporting  (PSIRF) to improve efficiency of response and understand the contributing factors to patient safety incidents
  • From rear view mirror to proactive integration: How can you ensure you’re asking the right questions on patient safety to prevent incidents before they occur?


Joanne Medhurst, Chief Medical Officer, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire ICB

Prof Steven Hams, Chief Nursing Officer, North Bristol NHS Trust

Chris Streather, Regional Medical Director & CCIO, NHS England


Interactive Discussion Groups:

Join these intimate and focused small-group discussions to share experiences with senior colleagues and get your pressing questions answered. Bringing together 8-12 participants, ensure you sign up early to secure your place at your preferred table.

Practical strategies to balance system/organisational targets with elective recovery and emergency care

Leadership empowerment: What does it mean to be a patient safety leader and how can you inspire your teams?

Optimizing workforce capacity, capability and agility at a trust and system level

Strengthening continuous improvement in your patient safety culture

Roles and voices: Integrating the clinical view at board level and decision-making

Innovative solutions towards managing patient flow efficiency

Discussing risk sharing and accountability while breaking down organisational boundaries

Improving better data sharing practices to facilitate optimal patient care


Afternoon break & refreshments


HSJ Patient Safety Congress – James Reason Lecture


Chair’s Closing Remarks