Oxehealth Ltd

Oxehealth is a global leader in vision-based patient monitoring – dedicated to helping mental health clinicians deliver safer, higher-quality and more efficient inpatient care. As members of the NHS Confederation, Oxehealth partners with half of NHS England’s mental health providers and is beginning to transform inpatient care in Europe and the US. Oxehealth is a spinout from the University of Oxford Institute of Biomedical Engineering and continues to conduct research to accelerate breakthroughs in mental health.

 Oxevision was co-produced with patients, carers and clinicians and is the only patient monitor designed for mental health. To date, it has supported over 30 million hours of patient care. Oxevision is a contact-free tool incorporating a regulated medical device that operates with an infrared-sensitive camera. It enables staff to: visually confirm a resting or sleeping patient is safe without entering their room and disturbing them; measure a patient’s pulse and breathing rate remotely; and document therapeutically valuable digital observations. The system also alerts staff to potentially high-risk patient activity − so they can intervene proactively and prevent incidents from occurring − and can be used to generate vital sign and activity reports that help staff to plan person-centred care.