Prospitalia h-trak

Boost patient safety through data capture at the point of care to address clinical variance and achieve cost savings

Using barcoding and mobile data capture technologies, the h-trak system accurately identifies, tracks and traces implants used in surgical procedures to patient level – an essential function for supporting the NHS Scan4Safety programme.

As well as providing full track and trace capability, the h-trak system provides data on all aspects of procedures, including consumables and implant costs, OPCS codes, the staff present in the procedure as well as timings and the reasons for any procedure delays.  Analysis of this data helps clinical and theatre management teams address clinical variance and make process improvements within their theatre operations.  

With h-trak, finance and procurement professionals are able to track spend and manage inventory effectively across theatres, wards and clinics using h-trak’s automated stock replenishment and consumables price checking functions.

Several hospitals in the UK are already seeing the benefits that h-trak can offer to enhance patient safety, deliver cost savings and enable process efficiencies. h-trak is in use in over 900 operating theatres and has enabled over 3 million surgical procedures to be fully costed and captured worldwide.

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