Tom Bell

Author, Consultant and Founding Director
Humanity and Integrity in Public Sector Services

Tom Bell is an Ethics Consultant, an expert in wilful blindness, an author, speaker, coach and whistleblower who wants to help Public Services rediscover and reconnect with their purpose by liberating them from cultural conformity & target obsession disorder. He has an MBA, an MSc, a PgC in digital health and is a fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. Tom draws on his experiences as a former NHS Manager with lived experience of wilful blindness and ethical fading in public services. He authored a book, Lions, Liars, Donkeys and Penguins - The Killing of Alison, which tells the true story of the events leading to and following the suicide of his sister after a period of abuse in an NHS mental health hospital. He lives in Penrith on the edge of England’s Lake District with his wife Debbie.