Care UK

13 - 14 July 2020
Manchester Central

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Care UK

Care UK was founded in 1982. Today our healthcare services include treatment centres, a new breed of GP practices called Practice Plus, NHS walk-in centres, GP out-of-hours, , NHS 111, health in justice and clinical assessment and diagnostics facilities. In fact, we provide a greater range of specialist care services than any other organisation in the UK, delivering more than 70 different healthcare services. We work with the NHS to take healthcare services closer to where people live and work – increasing the efficiency and quality of the services we deliver and helping to reduce waiting times.

We assess, diagnose and treat more than one million NHS patients every year, providing services which are free at the point of use. We strongly believe in putting the patient first, regardless of the environment or their history and our health in justice work takes us to some of the most challenging environments, covering 43 prisons and delivering a full range of healthcare services. In 2011 our treatment centres ranked first in an independent national rating of the best performing hospitals for both knee and hip replacement operations and all of our treatment centres are rated overall ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good’ by the CQC.

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