B Braun Medical

13 - 14 July 2020
Manchester Central


B Braun Medical

B. Braun Medical is a leading global health-care company offering high quality innovative product solutions designed to improve patient safety and reduce medication errors. 
Medication errors can be initiated at any stage from prescription through to ongoing patient monitoring with recent reports showing that 37,0001 medication errors (78.6% of all medication errors) occur at the point of administration. 
As a market leading supplier of smart infusion devices, B. Braun’s Space Infusion Systems enable NHS Trusts to reduce the risk of medication errors through real-time management and reporting of drug libraries.
B. Braun has also developed an innovative solution to reduce medication errors at the point of administration via gravity infusion sets.  With up to 90%2 of gravity administration sets not being flushed and 20% of the active drug remaining in the line and being discarded1, Intrafix SafeSet Flush enables the full prescribed dose to be delivered to patients.  This can enhance the patient’s recovery by preventing sub-therapeutic drug levels and supports the prevention of antimicrobial resistance.
For more information please visit us to see demonstrations as to how Space Infusion Systems and Intrafix SafeSet Flush can improve patient safety and reduce medication errors. 
  1. Elliot, RA. Et al. (Prevalence and Economic Burden of Medication Errors in the NHS in England 2018)
  2. Cooper, D., Rassam, T., Mellor, A., Non-Flushing of IV administration sets: an under-recognised under-dosing risk.  British Journal of Nursing, 2018 (IV Therapy Supplement) Vol 27, No 14

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