Professor Kevin Fong

2 - 3 July 2019
Manchester Central


Professor Kevin Fong

Professor Kevin Fong

, , University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust , Consultant Anaesthetist

Kevin Fong is Consultant Anaesthetist at UCL Hospitals, and is Anaesthetic Lead for both the Patient Emergency Response Team and Major Incident Planning. He is an Honorary Senior lecturer in physiology at UCL where he organises and runs an undergraduate course Extreme Environment Physiology. He is an expert on space medicine in the UK and is the co-director of the Centre for Aviation Space and Extreme Environment Medicine (CASE Medicine), University College London (UCL).

Kevin is a member of the Royal College of Physicians and a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. He has worked as a Consultant in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine at UCLH, and was co-founder and co-director of CASE Medicine, UCL Medical School. He is an Honorary Lecturer in Physiology at King's College London and UCL.

He was a NESTA Fellow between 2003 and 2008. During this time, he took part in a diving expedition for Coral Cay and worked regularly with NASA as a visiting researcher with the Human Adaptation and Countermeasures Office at Johnson Space Center and occasionally with the medical group at Kennedy Space Center. It was during one of his visits to NASA that he completed his master's degree in Astronautics (co-supervised by Professor Bill Paloski, now Director of NASA’s Human Research Programme).

He is a Fellow of the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts and is an Advisor to the British National Space Centre and Chair of the UK Space Biomedical Advisory Committee.

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