Liz Staveacre

13 - 14 July 2020
Manchester Central


  Liz Staveacre

Liz Staveacre

, , Critical Care & Outreach and NOrF Board , Consultant Nurse

Liz is currently based at Stoke Mandeville Hospital where she leads the critical care outreach team and works across the trust to improve the recognition and response to acute patient deterioration.   

Having a keen interest in quality improvement, Liz took 18 months out of clinical practice to be one of the founding fellows in the Imperial College Healthcare QI Hub. She is also a member of the Q Network and has been involved in a diverse range of improvement projects across North West London working with a wide range of staff groups to improve care for deteriorating patients in the region, including improving response and treatment of sepsis and improving patient flow through critical care units.   

Liz is a member of the National Outreach Forum Executive Board and played a key role in developing recent national nursing competencies for Level 1 and enhanced care areas. As an active member of the Intensive Care Society she represents nursing on the Education and State of the Art organising committees, where she works to influence the society’s strategy to become a truly multi-professional organisation.  

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