Andrea Woodside

Industry expert

Andrea  Woodside

Andrea Woodside

Patient Representative, Minding Work

Andrea Woodside began her career in workplace wellbeing in 1993 after moving to the UK from Canada. Since founding Minding Work Limited in 2009, she has continued to support employers to help their people to stay well throughout their working lives. Misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1989, Andrea was only correctly diagnosed in 2017 with c-PTSD as a result of childhood trauma. A guest of a number of mental health units in the UK over the years, Andrea is clear about the need to prevent the re-traumatisation of people who have been sexually assaulted whilst in a place of ‘asylum’.

Andrea was a Trustee of Mind England & Wales for 7 years and remains an active spokesperson in the media around the critical need to acknowledge and the life experiences of people living with mental health problems and bring them into every day practice.

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