Alison Steven

Industry expert

Alison  Steven

Alison Steven

Professor of Research in Nursing and Health Professions Education, Northumbria University

Alison Steven PhD, BSc(Hons), MSc, PGCRM, RN is Professor of research in Nursing and Health Professions Education at Northumbria University. She has over 20 years’ experience in health services research having gained her PhD in 2002 at Newcastle university Medical school. Her work concerns the enhancement of safety and quality in professional practice through a focus on 3 areas: Health professions education and learning; Staff health and wellbeing; The embedding of skills, knowledge and innovations in practice.

Prof Steven has been involved in over 30 funded projects including leading the 5 country project ‘Sharing learning from practice to improve patient safety’ (SLIPPS) co-funded by the European union, and currently co-leading a Health foundation innovation project on Approaches to Fatigue in Nightshift. Prof Steven has undertaken research across a spectrum of settings and published a range of academic articles, book chapters and monographs, including developing work on ‘emotional safety for learning’. 

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