Scott Riley

South West Inclusion Health Lead
NHS England and NHS Improvement (South West)

Scott is the Inclusion Health Lead for NHS England and NHS Improvement Southwest region, where he works as part of a blended Health Inequalities Team with Office for Health Improvement and Disparities colleagues, to drive forward inclusion health and health inequalities priorities.  This is in line with the national approach to deliver a social movement by which the health inequality gap is closed through quality improvement (QI) capability and capacity building from Boards to Frontline underpinned by a leadership culture which promotes  and enables QI and continuous learning.  This is all with a view of achieving a measurable improvement outcome of five years of extra health life expectancy by 2035 as identified by the NHS Long Term Plan.

Scott has worked within the Southwest to help raise awareness of Inclusion Health and health inequalities working with regional programmes and local health systems to help shift the dial.

Before joining NHSE/I, Scott worked on a wide range of local, regional and national health transformation/rectification projects as a project and programme manager with the South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit.   

Scott holds a Master’s degree in Health Care Policy and Management from the University of Birmingham and has previous experience in the private and voluntary sector working within the field of sustainability.