Sarah Jane Downing

Patient Advocate

Sarah Jane Downing is an author, freelance journalist, and one of the thousands of victims of rogue breast surgeon Ian Paterson. In 2014 she discovered the ‘critical’ and ‘emergency’ surgery Paterson had performed upon her breast was not only completely unnecessary but in fact nothing more than a criminal assault albeit within the clinical setting of Spire Healthcare’s Parkway Hospital in Solihull.

Becoming increasingly aware of the ever mounting numbers of her fellow victims, in 2015 she founded PS4PS: Paterson’s Survivors for Patient Safety, a support group to befriend and support the others who had suffered at Paterson’s hands and their families.

Together they have campaigned for justice for the Paterson Patients and for reform to the laws and governance of healthcare, for patient safety, particularly those that should provide protection and the safety of patients within the private healthcare sector.