RDI Systems


Measuring the actual coverage of the hand hygiene rub with instant feedback and reporting - using technology to change behaviour to ensure enhanced Patient Safety.    

The Semmelweis Hand Hygiene Scanner collects the hand scan data - like Dr Semmelweis himself did in the 1800s when he introduced hand disinfection - data is stored either in the Cloud or the Hospital’s own IT system.    

The Reporting System allows infection control professionals/managers to keep hand hygiene standards at the highest level - It makes training an easier task and is a useful tool for audits.  

In USA and UK there are huge numbers of patients dying from Hospital acquired infections (HAIs). 

Hand Hygiene plays a critical role in preventing HAIs – up to 50% of HAI deaths are caused by low standards of hand hygiene.     

The use of the Semmelweis Hand Hygiene Scanner creates a heightened awareness of the absolute importance of correct hand hygiene compliance and technique.  

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