Poster Competition - FAQs

2 - 3 July 2019
Manchester Central

Poster Competition - FAQs

Entering the Poster Competition

What is the Poster Competition?

The Patient Safety Poster Competition 2018 recognises safety and quality improvement initiatives from the UK and around the world and provides an important platform for patient safety advocates to share and exchange safety and quality breakthroughs with peers and stakeholders.

Who can enter the Poster Competition?

If you or your team have had success with an evidence-based, innovative, quality or safety initiative we want to hear from you! To enter, please complete the entry form and attach your poster.

Why should I enter?

Posters recognised for display will be showcased to over 1,000 patient safety experts and practitioners at the Patient Safety Congress, where ten category winners and one overall winner will also be announced and celebrated.

How do I enter the Poster Competition?

To enter the Poster Competition, please complete the entry form with your details and attach your poster.

Can I enter a poster into more than one category?​

No, unfortunately you can only enter a poster in one category. You can, however, enter different posters into different categories.

When is the deadline?​

The deadline for the poster competition is Friday 20th April 2018. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any posters after this date.

I have submitted my poster, but would now like to submit an updated version. What do I do?​

If you have submitted your poster but would like to update it before the deadline please email Zara Williams with your updated poster.

What is the process after I submit my poster?

  • Once you have completed your entry form with your details and attached your poster, you will receive an automated ‘submission accepted’ email.
  • After the entry deadline has passed, the posters will progress to our Patient Safety Judging Panel.
  • If your poster has complied with the criteria, you will be ‘Recognised for Display’ at the Patient Safety Congress. Judges will select their category winner for each category.
  • You will be notified before the congress if you are a category winner on Monday 4th June. Please note all posters will be printed by HSJ and displayed in the Patient Safety Congress Exhibition.
  • At the Congress, attendees will have the opportunity to vote to determine the Overall Patient Safety Poster Competition Winner.

Creating Your Poster

Is there a specific format that the poster should follow?

Yes, the PDF of your poster must follow 4 compulsory criteria:

All other design aspects are then up to individual organisations.

  • Portrait
  • A1 in size
  • Include the poster title
  • Include your organisation logo and either a contact name, email or website

All other design aspects are then up to individual organisations.

Is there a template that I can use to help me to create my poster?

Yes, you can download the template here.

If my poster doesn’t meet one of the compulsory criteria will it still be displayed?

No, we can only display posters that follow the compulsory criteria. If you are having issues, please contact Zara Williams.

Do I need to print my poster?

No, we will arrange all printing of posters and display at the event. Please note if you bring your poster on the day of the Congress, it will not be displayed.

I’m struggling with the poster criteria and/or format with my poster, who do I contact?

Please contact Zara Williams who will be happy to assist.


Who are the judges?

Our judges have been selected from the Patient Safety Awards Judging Panel. During the Patient Safety Congress, our audience will judge from the category winner selection to choose the Overall Patient Safety Poster Competition Winner.

When is the judging taking place?

The judging is taking place from 30th April – 10th May. Category winners will be announced prior to the event on Monday 4th June.

What are the judges looking for?

In every category, judges are looking for well-presented posters that describe clear, well-evidenced projects with the ultimate goal of delivering tangible improvements in patient safety. Please view the category list for more information regarding each individual category.

If my poster is chosen to be recognised for display, when and how will I be notified?

An email will be sent out to the lead contact person no later than 27th April to inform you that your project has been successfully recognised for display and will also provide the next steps.

If my poster is not chosen for display, when and how will I be notified?

An email will be sent out to the lead contact person no later than 27th April to inform you that your poster has been unsuccessful and therefore we will not be displaying the poster on the day.

If I am unsuccessful, will I receive feedback as to why it didn’t meet the criteria?

No, in view of the number of entries we receive, we will be unable to feedback why your poster was unsuccessful.

Attending the event

My poster has been Recognised for Display, I would like to attend the event, is there a discount?

Yes, you, your colleagues and anyone else in your organisation are eligible for a reduced rate of £299 for the two-day Congress. This rate is only available up until the 1st June. To take advantage of this discount please contact Syed Ali on 020 7608 9072 or ​ Please note that this price cannot be used retrospectively.

Does the discount rate on a 2 day pass expire?

Yes, passes must be booked by 1st June.

Who is eligible to use the discount?

Anyone from the organisation that entered the poster competition and has had their entry Recognised for Display.

At the event

If I missed the deadline to send you the PDF and I want to print my own poster, can I bring it on the day to display?

No, unfortunately we cannot accept any posters on the day so you will not be permitted to put your poster up if you do not meet the previously specified deadlines for submitting.

Do I have to stand at my poster during breaks at the event?

No, your poster will include contact information or website details so that if anyone wishes to find out more, they can contact you.

Where will the posters be displayed?

Posters will be displayed in exhibition hall at Patient Safety Congress 2018. Each poster will be displayed within their category.

Is there anywhere else that the posters can be viewed?

Yes, all posters will also be available to view in the PDF format in the event app which will be available to download. After the event, posters will also be available to download from our Patient Safety Congress website.

Winner announcements

How many winners are there?

There will be 10 category winners, 1 for each category selected prior to the event. During the congress, the audience will vote for the Overall Patient Safety Poster Competition Winner.

When and how will the category winners be announced?

An email will be sent on Monday 4th June to announce the category winners.

When will the Overall Patient Safety Poster Competition Winner be announced?

During the Congress. Timing will be confirmed.

Post Event

Are we allowed to take the printed posters after the event?

Yes, you can take your posters from the exhibition hall between 1:45pm – 2:15pm. Please note that the exhibition hall will be closed to attendees from 2:15pm onwards. Any posters that are still in the hall after this time will be recycled.

If I need to leave before this time, can I take my poster with me?

No, all posters must remain in place until 1:45pm on Tuesday 10th July. If you need to leave the event before this time, please contact Zara Williams to discuss your situation.

If I want to take my poster back, will you supply poster boxes?

No, please ensure that you bring something to transport your poster in as we will be unable to supply you with anything suitable.

If I don’t take my poster at the end of the event, what will happen to it?

All posters not collected by 2:15pm on 10 July will be recycled.

If I’m unable to collect my poster in person, can you post it to me?

Unfortunately, in view of the volume of posters that we are displaying, we’ll be unable to post any posters that are not collected on the day. Any posters left unclaimed by 2:15pm on 10 July will be recycled.

If the FAQs have not answered your questions please contact Zara Williams who will be happy to help.

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