Patient Safety Congress 2019 Poster Competition

13 - 14 July 2020
Manchester Central

Patient Safety Congress 2019 - Poster Competition

The Patient Safety Congress Poster Competition recognises safety and quality improvement initiatives from the UK and around the world. It gives you a platform to share and exchange safety and quality breakthroughs with other patient safety advocates, and national and international experts.

If you or your team have had success with an evidence-based, innovative, quality or safety initiative – we want to hear from you!

If your poster is recognised for display, it will be showcased to over 1,000 patient safety experts and advocates at the Patient Safety Congress, where you will also be in with a chance to be announced and celebrated as one of 10 category winners and maybe even as the overall winner!


Need more information? Check out the FAQs page.

Categories and descriptions

In every category, judges are looking for well-presented, academic posters that describe clear, well-evidenced projects, with the ultimate goal of delivering tangible improvements in patient safety.

Posters should focus on learning through measuring change.

Illustrative examples are given for each category, but projects are not limited to these examples.

What are the criteria for a good poster?

  • A brief outline of the context
  • A brief outline of the problem
  • An assessment of the problem and analysis of its causes
  • The strategy for change
  • Measurement of improvement
  • The effects of change(s) implemented
  • The lessons learnt
  • What others can learn from what you have done

A culture for learning and change

  • Judges are looking for projects that promote a positive, open, just culture that places importance on learning from mistakes. Examples may include work on incident investigation, processes to learn from complaints or work to improve the wider culture in your organisation.

Education and training

  • Judges are looking for projects that show innovative and impactful education and training programmes. Examples may include the implementation of a new programme or the improvement of an existing programme to increase its impact.

Improving processes and outcomes

  • Judges are looking for projects that have effectively improved processes with a demonstrable impact on patient outcomes. Examples may include projects to improve decision making processes, care delivery or the recording of information.

Effective use of Quality Improvement methods

  • Judges are looking for projects demonstrating effective employment of QI methodology to deliver a measurable impact on safety. Examples may include projects using low cost interventions, processes to improve reporting or improving care pathways.

Safety systems management

  • Judges are looking for projects that show best practice in the implementation of a comprehensive safety management system. Examples may include the implementation of a new system or the overhaul of an existing one.

The deteriorating patient

  • Judges are looking for projects that promote the quick recognition and escalation of deteriorating patients. Examples may include specific work around AKI or sepsis, or wider pieces of work on the effective recognition of and response to deteriorating patients.

The patient voice

  • Judges are looking for projects that promote the genuine co-production of patient care between services and service users. Examples may include innovative ways of finding out what really matters to patients and using that to improve the quality of care, or ongoing partnerships between patients and the services they use.


  • Judges are looking for projects that promote innovative workforce solutions that support the workforce to deliver safe and quality patient care. As an example, projects may look specifically at ways to boost recruitment, retention or wellbeing of staff.

Working with vulnerable patients

  • Judges are looking for projects that promote safety within a setting that cares for vulnerable patients. Examples may include caring for those with dementia, caring for people with learning disabilities or patient safety in a mental health setting.

Effective use of technology

  • Judges are looking for projects that make use of innovative technology to improve the safety of patients. Examples may include use of technology to design out errors or technology to streamline or speed up processes.


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