Maria Paviour

Occupational Neuropsychologist, Author and Founder
Wellbeing with Cari and the NeuChem Coaching Model

Maria Paviour is a multi-award winning Occupational Psychologist and best-selling author who has 25 years’ experience specializing in the neuroscience of wellbeing in the workplace. Maria is also a wellbeing tech developer, and through this she has that has provided granular data on the wellbeing of the nation and published a number of studies revealing the problem of ‘brave face syndrome’ and ‘zombification in the NHS’. Maria uses entertaining metaphors to explain the science of culture, and why we should be focusing on brain states of employees in the NHS - as opposed to focusing on the failure of care – to achieve clinician and employee psychological safety in order to achieve patient safety. As an ex-NHS whistleblower, Maria has experienced all sides of the patient safety issue and has subsequently been involved in ‘think tanks’ to drive out bullying and improve NHS culture.