Joanne Hughes

Patient Advocate and Founder
Harmed Patients Alliance

Joanne’s daughter Jasmine died in February 2011 following failures in her care. Soon after Joanne set up www.mothersinstinct.co.uk  as a resource and source of peer support for families whose children die as a result of medical error, having recognised the need for a support system for people finding themselves where she was, and to provide a platform to share their stories and the learning from them nationally to improve patient safety for children. The website is regularly visited by Healthcare Professionals.

Joanne has partnered with the NHS and the Research Community  for many years on projects focused on improving paediatric patient safety to avoid incidents, and improving processes after incidents, particularly the involvement of patients and families in investigations. Joanne has been campaigning for a package of care to be designed and delivered to meet the needs for recovery of those affected by healthcare harm for many years.

In November 2020 Joanne co-founded the Harmed Patients Alliance www.harmedpatientsalliance.org.uk with James Titcombe OBE, working to increase understanding of the impact of healthcare harm, and frequently secondary harm on patients and families, their needs after healthcare harm, and how the system might meet them.  Their mission is to “Work collaboratively towards a future where harmed patients and families are respected and cared for, their needs are understood and met, their suffering is minimised and their recovery is enabled, where preventable second harm is eliminated”.

Joanne is a trained Restorative Practice Facilitator.