Jasvinder Sohal

Chief People Officer, Bath & North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire ICS and Former Chief People Officer, Solent NHS Trust
Bath & North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire ICS CPO, Former Solent NHS Trust CPO

Jas has lived and worked in and around Southampton for most of her life, starting her career as an employment law solicitor in private practice. In 2001, after a career break to have her twin boys, she became an in-house lawyer for B&Q plc and then branched out to HR to pursue her real passion for making a positive difference for the people she works with.

Over her 16 year career in retail (during which she also had a daughter!), she undertook a number of roles including strategic partnering to board directors for various functions, leading HR teams and delivering several change management initiatives. She then moved into the world of aviation joining a company which trained commercial airline pilots, working in an international role. Jas joined Solent in July 2020 and believes in the importance of making work a fulfilling experience for each individual, knowing how having happy, supported staff inevitably leads to great care for our patients.