IMS Maxims

IMS MAXIMS is one of UK & Ireland’s leading providers of high-quality Patient Administration Systems (PAS) and Electronic Patient Record (EPR) Systems. IMS MAXIMS enable healthcare organisations to consistently improve the quality and safety of care delivery, using best-in-class and innovative technology.

MAXIMS is an all-encompassing, healthcare data platform and suite of mission-critical workflow solutions that cut through complex and disparate healthcare provision settings by providing real-time insights across customer organisations to deliver seamless, cost-effective, and sustainable healthcare services without compromising medical best practices.

The MAXIMS platform is built on end user needs and delivering transformative patient care across all healthcare settings. Flexible and scalable end-to-end capabilities, built in conjunction with leading clinicians over 25+ years, which can be deployed on a modular and departmental level. Key product highlights include:

  1. Patient Administration System:
    Digital, workflow-driven tools providing patient flow support from admission and scheduling to referral management and discharge, thereby reducing the administrative burden for clinicians 
  1. Electronic Patient Record and Clinical:
    Clinical workflow solutions supporting the delivery of end-to-end care and allowing clinicians to access a single Electronic Patient Record and enter data at the point of care 
  1. Departmental/Speciality:
    Specialist solutions, offered as part of best-of-breed approach and deployed on a modular basis, allowing customers to configure solutions to cater to the needs of specialised departmental workflows

MAXIMS addresses typical end-user pain points through:

  • A unique combination of in-depth records systems and process workflow management solutions, providing a single point of access for integrated and shared patient information across multiple departments, users, time zones and care settings, thereby unlocking key benefits across the entire customer base
  • Modular suite of solutions, which can be used as part of the wider IMS Maxims product offering or as part of a best-of-breed approach
  • Open platform architecture with ability to fully support and integrate with incumbent solutions, enabling interoperability across departments
  • Enables to provide quality integrated care across the enterprise, ensuring continuity and consistency of care across multi-disciplinary teams and different clinical and administrative settings

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