ICU UK Medical

ICU Medical connects patients and caregivers through lifesaving and life enhancing medical devices. We are one of the world’s leading infusion therapy companies and are committed to delivering clinical innovation, quality and value to our customers.  With the award-winning Plum 360™ IV infusion system, we make medication delivery more efficient with air management that doesn’t require disconnecting from the patient and a secondary line that can deliver concurrent or piggyback infusions. When combined with our industry-leading ICU Medical MedNet™ safety software (the first safety software platform to earn UL cybersecurity assurance), we help reduce the risk of medication errors and provide a wealth of insightful data to advance best practice and future proof complete IV-EHR interoperability. Our portfolio of devices also includes: Needlefree connectors, Safety IV catheters and closed systems transfer devices CSTD’s for hazardous IV drugs. Our ChemoClaveTM CSTD's maintain a needlefree closed system to help you minimise exposure to hazardous drugs and comply with recommended safe handling guidelines.

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