General Medical Council

We work to protect patient safety and support medical education and practice across the UK. We do this by working with doctors, employers, educators, patients and other key stakeholders in the UK’s healthcare systems.

As part of this role we:

  • Decide which doctors are qualified to work in the UK
  • Oversee UK medical education and training
  • Provide guidance and resources to help doctors uphold the standards for safe and ethical practice that we expect
  • Where necessary, take action to prevent a doctor from putting the safety of patients, or the public’s confidence in doctors, at risk.

GMC is committed to supporting the profession in the context of system pressures, we recognise that respectful and supportive working environments enable doctors to deliver better care and to speak up about patient safety concerns. In 2019 we are delivering a pilot ‘Professional behaviours and patient safety’ programme which aims to support at least 14 employing organisations across the UK in improving culture by equipping doctors to respond appropriately when they recognise unprofessional behaviours in themselves and others, attend our workshop to find out more.