Dorit Braun

Family Representative

Dorit retired in 2019, having worked as a Charity Chief Executive and in a variety of senior management and governance roles in the social care and family support sectors. Following a very traumatic family bereavement Dorit is active in trying to improve mental health care and the ways NHS staff and organisations learn from deaths. She is on the UCH Learning from Deaths research programme steering group, and in this capacity has contributed to manuscripts for publication; she is on the AvMa beneficiaries participation group; is a member of the Making Families Count (MFC) team; provides training to NHS trusts and other professionals by speaking about her family's experiences and has blogged about aspects of these experiences.

Dorit is coordinating a new project with MFC: Life Beyond the Cubicle aims to reduce deaths of people during acute mental health crises, by enabling professionals to listen, support and assist families to help keep loved ones safe.

Dorit obtained her PhD in 1980 from the University of Manchester; her research was on the political economy of the pharmaceutical industry in Colombia. She has a Masters from Warwick University on Social Research in Health Care; her dissertation was on feminist research methodology. She was awarded an OBE in 2000 for services to parenting. Dorit is also an artist, exhibiting from time to time.