Donna Forsyth

Patient Safety Science

From 2003 Donna held national roles leading the NHS on Incident Reporting; Patient Safety Training¸ and Investigation. She has worked collaboratively with the World Health Organisation since 2007 as an expert adviser on event analysis and has completed air accident investigation training at Cranfield University. 

In 2013 Donna initiated and led the pilot for the first ‘Patient Safety Investigation Branch’ for Healthcare (PSIB), and later assisted start-up of the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB). 

More recently¸ she has worked on publications for the CIEHF and is the architect of the new ‘Patient Safety Incident Response Framework’ (PSIRF)¸ designed to drive the NHS response to incidents to the next level of maturity.
Donna is currently writing a chapter for the publication ‘Clinical Risk - 6th EDN’ and both mentor and coach for NHS staff conducting Patient Safety Incident Investigations from a systems perspective.