Andrew Bright

Expert by Experience

Andrew has 30 years’ experience of working to promote advocacy and rights. Andrew believes that having a learning disability doesn’t stop you from what you want to achieve in life rather it encourages you to do more and make that difference. He is passionate about advocacy from his many years in the early 90’s developing the People First movement in the south of England and the need for people to be user involved in their organisations.

Andrew currently brings his experiences and knowledge to Thera Trust. He works as Head of Development for Thera Trust. In his role he uses his lived experience of having a learning disability to act as a leader to ensure that the voices of people we support are heard and represented through the support we provide people including the development of various project enabling people to have better days for better life’s.

A big achievement over the last few years is Andrew being number 4 on Shaw Trust’s Power 100 in 2019 and now for the past 2 years he has been a judge for the Power 100 both in 2020 & 2021.

In his free time Andrew is an active member of his local church and in a voluntary position he is Disability Officer for his local church parish.